Thursday, 1 May 2014

Avon Kids Lip Balms

Hii friends..
Today I was in a mood to write a post but didnt knew what product to write about so I thought of writing about something that I love hoarding *LIP BALMS*, yes like most of the girls I love buying lip balms in different flavors, packaging, fragrances, etc.
So just about a few weeks ago while I was going through the online catalog of AVON INDIA, I saw these ultra cute kids lip balms in the flavors swirling strawberry and magnificent mango. I couldn't wait to try these.. so I called u an Avon representative near my house and ordered for these little babies.

Product Claims: Moisturize and hydrate your lips. The mild and gentle lip balm contains strawberry extracts, Vitamin E, a blend of coconut and almond oils, and shea and cocoa butter. Recommended for kids aged 3 and up.

My Experience:
I am in love with these lip balms; firstly because of their packaging which makes it so hygienic to use unlike the other tub form of lip balms in the market.. secondly, because of the fragrance which is fruity; strawberry and mango both are my favorite fruits and having them on my lips 24x7 is like a dream come true ;) :))
thirdly, these are non tinted lip balms which are good for the times when you need to moisturize your lips without adding color.
They smell soo yummy and feel like butter on lips.. not like literally that greasy feeling of butter.. but in a good way. U KNOW WHAT I MEAN?! :P :D
Another good point point about these lip balms is that they taste really sweet.. It actually feels like u have something sweet on your lips.. though they tend shine tends to fade after sometime but your lips actually stay moisturized.
I love carrying at least one of them in my purse at all times.. I am addicted to these!!!

Will I repurchase? Hell to the YESSSSS! I love these lip balms!

Price: These are priced at Rs. 129/- in the catalog but as AVON has offers going on most of the time.. I got these cuties for Rs. 99/- each!

Another lot cuties that I am eyeing on from Avon are there newly launched 2-in-1 Lip Balms.. Wanna have a glimpse?

Don't they look just awesome.. I might be getting all the 3 shades in these! 

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