Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Dog Mini Album

Hi friends.. sorry for being away for a while from my blog.. there were quite a few things happening on my end.. which kept me away from posting here..
But today I am back with a new post.. and this time its something crafty that I made for someone very close to me.. 
Its a mini album in a shape of dog house.. sharing the pics:
This is the best page out of the album.. the *cover page*.. had a lott of fun making it.. the inspiration behind this was from an album that I had seen few months ago while surfing google!
These are the inside pages..
Hope you like the album... Do leave your comments below :)

Thursday, 6 February 2014

New products for February!

Hi friends..
This is a new type of post series that I am coming up with.. here I am going to be showing you all the new products that I am going to be using every month.. and then see how they work for me..
So the new products that for the month of February are:

 Everyuth face scrub in grapes extract; Herbal essence shampoo: dangerously straight
 body butter in grapes; victoria secret body mist: sensual blush
Some cute beauty products.. lip balm from blue heaven.. and a japanese doll liquid eyeliner!

So these are the products that I will be using for the first time... lets see how they work... :)