Saturday, 19 March 2016

Loreal Haul! Valentine's Day

Hii guys,
Just a quick post though I am quite late in posting this, but nevertheless!
As some of u might be knowing nykaa,purplle and other online beauty websites had this amazing 14min sale on their website where all things loreal were at flat 50% off!
So I bought 3 things that I had been eyeing on frm a loong time!

Got 2 loreal shine caresse gloss and 1 loreal balmy gloss! Shine caresse - bella and Lolia and balmy gloss in the shade - pink cherry

this is how the 3 look in artificial light!

and here's how they look in natural light!
Love all the 3 products that I bought! <3

Friday, 18 March 2016

Dupe Alert!! Miss claire Lip gloss!

Today I am going to be reviewing the much talked about miss claire matte glosses!
Now why I am not saying matte lip creams is coz, I have 2 matte lip creams and 2 butter glosses to share with you,.... so matte glosses! get it ;) :P
These are the dupes of nyx butter glosses, lookwise and read onto know how fairly they perform.

Quantity and price: 8ml; price varies for different places, I got these for 150/-

What the packaging says:
Drench your lips in extreme color with your signature buttery smooth gloss.

Butter glosses:
1. Napoleon BG - 01

2. Spice cake BG - 12

Matte Lip creams:
1. shade 05

My experience:
At first when I opened the tube, the smell is the same as the nyx lip creames... the same chocolate cookie/muffin.. in short it smells just soooo yummy.
While applying also, these glide on like butter and are opaque in a single swipe, I have the nyx lip cremes as well, so I can compare that I there was not a single difference that I could find performance wise.

These survived on my lips for 4-5 hours and seemed as if I just applied it (that too between meals), which was great coz yesss... I do eat my glosses and lipsticks :P
I would say that these beauties right here, are an ultimate grab, if you find these selling anywhere near you, and there are shades available that you like.. don't give a second thought just grab them.