Friday, 18 January 2013

Baby Me ~ My very first layout!

Hiiii :D
My exams finally got over 2 days back.. and as soon as I returned back home, I went to craft room and took out all my pattern papers, coz I couldn't resist my self from looking at them after suuuuch a loong time!
And as I was going through the papers, I thought why not create a fun layout, as I was planning to make one from a long time!
So I came up with this layout.. My first try at it, but I am very happy with the outcome.. Hope you guys like it too :)
  I just selected the most bright and colorful pattern paper and half the job was done at that time, coz I could just work around the picture to make the layout look complete.
 Then I used another floral pattern paper and fuzzy cut the flowers from it to make the embellishments and stuck them using foam around the picture.
 Completed the layout by adding some glitter and rhinestones, coz thats they way I am, butterflies, flowers, glitter and PINK!
This picture shows the amount of distress ink that I use in each and every product! Just looove it :)

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Happy 2013 and Crafty Resolutions!

Hii friends...
A very happy new year to all of you... May you all have a happy crafty year ahead!
Well wishing the same to me, coz I am someone who looses interest from a hobby very easily and get bored of doing the same thing.. So that is one reason why I love incorporating different projects in my craft experiences. So this year I thought of listing down some of my new year resolutions and I will make sure that I check this post the most and try following them.

1. I will post something every week!: I will try and make sure that I write at least 4 posts a month.
2. Be regular with all the challenges: I will try and cope up with all the Indian craft challenges, and create projects to participate in all of them.
3. Be regular with my craft store: I will be regular at getting new products to the craft store every now and then, and also be very generous by giving different schemes and discounts! ;)
4. Use my supplies before buying any new! : This will be the toughest but I know it won't be impossible, and I am a paper hoarder so will try using up at least 50% of pattern papers that are in my stash before buying any new ones!
5. Become a scrap Booker! : This one is something new for me, as I have never in my life made a layout, but this time I am planning to at least make one layout for every month. Don't know how I am going to do it, but lets see how this goes.
6. A regular follower: I have followed many blogs but it is hardly that I respond to each and every post, but I will try and be regular at checking out all the new and old blogs of my friends.. and be there to appreciate their work, just like you all do mine :)
7. Try new projects: Will try and make as many different projects and also share tutorials with you, so that you all can also learn with me.
Last but not the least!
8. Will try to do justice to all my craft supplies and work with them, and not just hoard them in my cupboard,  will try and use every small tidbit that I have been collecting from different envelops, cards and random drawers of my house.

Saying all this, not making an excuse, but as I have my exams on till 17th jan, So I will not be posting till then, but I promise will be back as soon as they get over to share some crafty projects that are in my mind and are waiting to get down on paper :D

So bye for now, but I will be back soon!