Sunday, 27 April 2014

Maybelline BB Stick : ~RADIANCE~

Hello beauties..
I am back with a blog post after a loooong time..
and this one has to be something great coz it motivated me to get my mojo of writing posts back :P :D

So today I am gonna review the Maybelline BB Stick, though I know I am quite late in reviewing about this product but as they say.. better late than never..

Powerful sweat-resistant, sebum-resistant formula for a light, non-sticky feel.

Providing 8 beauty benefits, the Clear glow bb stick improves skin quality helping you enjoy soft, smooth, blemish free skin.
Here's why you will love it:
-Delivers 12hr shine control
-Has a sweat-resistant, sebum resistant formula for a light, non sticky feel
-conceals imperfections and evens skin tone
-Provides a radiant, flawless look
-Contains SPF 21/PA+++ that protects skin from sun damage.
-Instantly evens out skin tone.

PRICE:  RS. 250/-for 10gms
MY EXPERIENCE: The best part that attracted m towards this product is its packaging.. its soo travel friendly and also helps in making the application hygienic, as you just need to glide the stick onto your face and then blend it with your fingers.. Also I love the formulation of this bb stick which blends like butter.. its so smooth and leaves face looking oil free for upto 5 hours.. I was quite impressed with the result as my skin is super oily and the oil starts showing up in just about an hour after applying anything.. and BB Stick on the other hand gave amazing results.. my skin looked matte and oil free. There are 2 shades available for this product being, FAWN which is dark, and the other is RADIANCE, which has pink undertones to it, and works fine for me, this BB stick is good in terms of coverage as well as it hides some blemishes and redness around the cheeks or nose. It has Salicylic Acid which is very good for oily/acne prone skin. Another plus point of the BB stick is that it contains SPF 21, which is just perfect for summers. So I think this is the right product for me as it helps in resolving all the problems that my skin has to face in this harsh Delhi summers.

Pros of Maybelline Clear Glow BB Stick
  1. Easy to use packaging
  2. Hides light blemishes & open pores
  3. Very smooth texture & easily blend-able
  4. Contains SPF 21
  5. Stays fresh on the skin for hours
 Cons of Maybelline BB Stick
1. Only 2 shades available.
Overall Rating
I think this is an amazing product, and its great of maybelline to launch such wonderful products for the Indian market at such affordable price. This is one product that every oily skinned beauty must own in the makeup kit. 


  1. Nyc I would definitely buy one for me too.

  2. It is good but not the best other creams like from rimmel sheshiedo are awesome