Monday, 4 January 2016

Makeup Organiser! - Online

Hii everybody,
Today I am sharing about an amazing makeup organiser that I came across online, I was looking for this since a loong loong time and few months back I had lost all hopes of finding it.
But one fine day I as I was checking my mail I came across an email from with the subject 'acrylic makeup organisers', So as i opened the mail, I found this, along with many other designs.
So I placed an order for it.

Order placed on : 29.12.2015
Received on : 1.01.2016
Woaaahhh! that was merely, 4 days

Price: 375/-with free home delivery

This is how I have placed my makeup on it as of now.

All my everyday essentials fit in perfectly into this, and I love that its a beauty sitting on my dresser.

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