Monday, 11 January 2016

Fab Bag December 2015!

Hii everybody,
By the title you guys must have guesed that I am gonna show my december fab bag here, and also yess... almost half of jan has passed and it was today morning that I received my december fab bag, that coz I ordered for my subscription after christmas last month, and also its shocking that its my first time trying out the fab bag...
I think I am the last one in the blogging world to try out the fab bag!!! :P

 So for those who don't know, fab bag is basicallya monthly subscription box, wherein you can subscribe to them for a period of 3-6-12 months, and every 2-3 week of the month you get a bag filled up of amazing beauty and makeup products delivered at your doorstep.
So need to fill up a questionnaire on their webpage about your likes and dislikes and then they customize the bag according to your preferences.
More details, and to subscribe head over to Fab bag.

So, without further adieu, lets dig into whats inside my fab bag december fab bag 2015!

This month (december) we could choose any one skincare product from the available options, so I chose the Just herbs elixir coz I had heard really good reviews of the product,so wanted to try my hands on it.
Rest of the products:

1) Sugar Cosmetics Lipstick: Rs. 799/-
2) Just herbs elixir : Rs. 985/-
3) Bioderma Sensibio : Heard so much about this one, and have never tried it out, so I am really happy to have got this in my fab bag.
4) Ayush dandruff nashak shampoo : really excited to try this one.
5) Kronokare Lip Balm Rs.: 95/-
So this months fab bag was totally worth it.

Really looking forward to trying out the products and reviewing them out here...

Now I am eagerly waiting for the fab bag for the month of jan (coz have you just looked at the bag for the month????)

Its soooo cute!!! <3 <3

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