Sunday, 22 June 2014

Very Me Cover Up Concealer Stick! Review & Swatches

Hello everyone,
Today I am here for a quick review about a product which is not only pocket friendly but also very effective in its job!
I am talking about the Very me Cover up Concealer by Oriflame! As I am a student and addicted to makeup I like exploring new products which are affordable too! I would prefer trying out affordable options that are available in the market rather than buying some High end brands.. So most of the products that you would find on my blog are very pocket friendly and just apt for college going girls which buy their makeup from their pocket money! :P Anyhoo coming back to the point of this post.. I came across this concealer while flipping through the monthly catalogs of ORIFLAME! and thought of giving this concealer a shot.

Claims: Get even, natural coverage with easy to use concealer stick. 
            Contains tea tree oil to calm blemishes and soothe your skin.
Price: Rs. 300-240/- Depends on the monthly catalog offers; I got it for Rs. 160/-

Quantity: 1gm.

Packaging: Comes in a retractable tube form in a black plastic body with a green lid!

Shades: Comes in 2 shades light and dark, the one that I picked up is Light.

My Experience: I was looking for a light concealer which could hide a few blemishes and my dark circles and could also be used on a daily basis, and guess what this concealer was answer to my problems.
This concealer can be used on a daily basis, and overs little flaws really well. I use my Garnier or Maybelline bb cream and use this concealer over it and my skin looks to natural and healthy. This does not make me look cakey or anything of that sorts. The staying power of this concealer is a bit of a problem stays for about 2-3 hours but I really don't stay out of my house for long so its fine! Also coz I have oily and sensitive skin, it did not break me out or oil up, so I was pretty happy with that.
Here are the swatches:

- Affordable
- Handy, and easy to apply and blend
- Contains tea tree oil; helps calm blemishes
- Hides dark circles

- only 2 shades available
- Availability: can only be bought through Oriflame representatives; also available at a few online portals.
- Staying power is less
- Quantity is too less only 1gm

All in all I would sum up by saying that if you a college going girl or someone who doesn't really need to cover up much flaws on the skin then its a good product for you. But if you are looking for a heavy duty concealer then you might wanna check something else.


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