Sunday, 15 June 2014

Summer Essentials/Whats in my makeup travel bag?!


I was planning to do this post a few weeks back.. but just coz I was lazing around all the summers, didn't really feel like writing a post!! :P
But coz I didn't want to delay it any further I thought I must do it now.. after all what would be the point in posting about summer essentials when summers are all gone!

Anyhoo coming back to the point of this post... These are my summer essentials or also things that I would carry in my makeup bag when I am out of my house!
 So these are the face products that I love to use in the summers.. or actually always! I don't use heavy duty foundations or makeup base just cover my face with bb/cc creams coz they are light and do the work just perfectly.. My fav. ones are garnier bb cream for everyday use, maybelline bb stick if my skin is too oily or Lakme cc cream if my face is looking too dull and I want a nice dewy look!
For compacts the ones that I am currently loving are the Maybelline clear glow compact and Elle 18 glow compact. Both of these are just great for a natural look and don't make me look too made up or cakey!For my eyes there's not much that I use, I just use Kajal and the one that I am addicted to these days are the colossal one from Maybelline and Kajal Magique from Loreal! I also like using Hypershine Liner in Black from Maybelline to give the bold look to my eyes in the night time and for the daytime like just for a casual outing with friends I am hooked on to this Colossal kohl Turquoise which gives a pop of color to the eyes in summers! <3
As I generally use very minimal base for my face, I love to experiment with bold colors for my lips.. and I am not a lipstick person at all! I love glosses and lip balms way more than any makeup product! Therefore the ones that I am obsessed with atm are the maybelline lip polishes and also tinted lip balms! Also I got to try this Lip and Cheek tint by Avon and I quite liked it.. stay tuned for the review on that.. it would be coming up soon on my blog! 
So these are all the products revealed! My go to summer products that stay with me on the go too!

Do let me know what are your summer essentials?! 


  1. such a pretty post. I cannot stay without my compact powder, mascara and lip gloss during summers

    1. Thank u soo much!
      Me too! Hi5 to that :) (y)

  2. Lovely post Babe! You have such a prettyie collection of Lippie..I am totally loving them! :)

  3. Lovely post . To buy oriflame products iti and all here contact me.

  4. Great picks! I'm still waiting for the cheek glows to shop up here!
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