Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Lacto Calamine Oil Control Lotion & FaceWash Review!

Hi friends!

I am here for a quick review about a great product that I found on my trip to the grocery shopping with my mom! :P
I am talking about the newly launched Lacto Calamine Oil Control range which I think is a life saver product sent my god!!
I was on a hunt for a good moisturizer/lotion for myself which could moisturize my face but not make it oily; and also an oil controlling facewash which would not make my skin too dry! So I came across this 2 products and thought of giving them a try, and just to my luck I found this trial size pack at the grocery store, so I grabbed them asap!!
Price & Quantity: This pack of facewash and lotion 30ml each costed me Rs. 55/-
I got a great deal as the facewash which is alone worth Rs. 30/- was free with the lotion!

How it works: TRI-ACTION Nourishing Formula:
Natural Kaolin Clay exfoliates,  Active Zinc Oxide helps remove blemishes, Pure Glycerine Moisturises

My Experience:
This is how I looked after using the FaceWash and Lotion!
and I loved the result I mean because I swear I haven't really edited the pic or anything but the kind of non oily glow that this product gave me was to die for! I have been loving it... though the summers are almost gone now but I am pretty sure all the oily skinned girls out there know that no matter what the season is... Our skin accumulates oil if not throughout the face, but at least on the T-Zone area.
           "Enjoy a problem free summer"
So I can see myself using up this product quite a lot!!
Do leave your comments if you have tried it yet.

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