Wednesday, 20 August 2014

StreetWear: New Collection Haul!

Hii friends...

Just a few days back when I was going to my office, I came across this amazing Revlon Shop in Nehru Place, Delhi; and I got really excited and went inside. As I entered the shop I saw the new Limited Edition Spider Man Collection and it was so bright and funky... really loved it..
As I was exploring the stuff at the store I saw a street wear counter and their new collection with all the girly packaging was sooo eye catchy and attractive that I couldn't stop my self from checking it out...
The cosmetics were not only cute but also very affordable.
They have come out with the most bright shades of nailpaints, some everyday shades of lip glosses, foundation, compact as well as a huge color range of lipsticks.
Here are some pics of the collection!
What I picked: I picked up a lip-gloss named Party Melon; just fell in love with the name itself :P :D and a lipstick for my mommy in the shade Ruby Riddle.
Also a compact as I was running out on my stock of compact and with the killing summers I knew this had to be in my purse at all times! I also picked up the Kajal from the same range, mainly because of the packaging.
Street Wear Compact in Neutral ; Price: Rs. 160/-, Kajal; Price: 99/-, Mega Shine Lip Gloss in Party Melon Rs. 150/-, Lipstick in the shade Ruby Riddle; Price: 180/-

I picked up a lip-gloss named Party Melon; just fell in love with the name itself :P :D and a lipstick for my mommy in the shade Ruby Riddle. The gloss is one of the best in the market within this price range; it is well pigmented and the color is super pretty. This shade is I suppose the only one which is not glittery or anything also the color stays on for 3-4 hours, and when the color fades away there is a nice tint that is left on the lips and keeps the lips moisturized for a loong time. Highly recommended! 
The lipstick is also quite moisturizing and is available in a lott of shades and I'm sure every girl will find one color to interest her for sure! though the color does not last a very loong time, but it is nice for those on a budget.
I also picked up the compact as I was running out on my stock of compact and with the killing summers I knew this had to be in my purse at all times! I also picked up the Kajal from the same range, mainly because of the packaging.
The kajal from this range is something that you can totally skip, firstly because it is not super dark.. you would have to swipe it 3-4 times to get that deep black color; secondly it smudges and is not waterproof.
I also wanted to pick up a few nail paints but they did not have all of them in stock I didn't, but I am surely gonna buy some soon.
This is it for now.. will be back again with some other fun post soon! Byee :D

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Avon Plug and Play: Gloss & Lip and Cheek Tint Review and Swatch!

Hello Girls..
I am back to share a quick review about 2 products from Avon's Plug and Play range, It's their gloss and lip-cheek tint duo! These were launched by Avon a loong time back and people are not very familiar with this product range anymore. As I was browsing through the catalog I saw a tempting discount on their plug and play range.. and I ordered this due for myself..
Price: Rs. 199/- each; I got these at 99/- each (50% off)
Quantity: 3.5 ml
Packaging: Comes in a hard plastic-glass mini tubes with a wand and sponge, pretty much like that of a gloss, its actually the first thing that tempted to to buy this product! <3
 Lip and Cheek Tint: This is an affordable option for college going girls who want to try out tints like these and is very easily blendable, does not feel sticky or made up.. Does not contain shimmer, so its good for daily wear and gives a matte finish.. Decently pigmented.
Lip Gloss in Fuchsia Shine: This is a clear gloss, I was very excited about this one as I thought the color would come out really well.. but got a little disappointed when I applied it on my lips. Though it can be used over a matte lipstick to give an illusion of a gloss or to add a bit of shine. It is a bit stick so one should not go overboard with this gloss.
 Final Words: This duo fared decently, and I would recommend the Lip and Cheek tint to a friend majorly because of its affordability and packaging. The gloss on the other hand is something you can totally skip out.

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Avon Fruity Lipsticks Review & Swatches!

Hello Friends..
I am back with another review post and this its about the new, well not so new Lipsticks that Avon launched a few months back.. Its because of my laziness that this post got soo delayed whereas I have these lipsticks laying in my vanity from a long time!
As we all know that Avon is one of those brands that launches very affordable yet good quality products for college goes and makeup loving young girls who are always on the lookout for affordable products.
Here is one such lipstick collection that it launched with an affordable price tag and fruity flavors! 
Pop Love Lipsticks

Price: Rs. 199/- but I got these for Rs. 130/- in monthly offer!
Quantity: 4gms
Variants: Strawberry, Watermelon and Chocolate
I got 2 out of these 3 shades available, Strawberry and Watermelon.
The third one is whisper pink from the normal simply pretty lipstick range.

My Experience: I don't use lipsticks but got these from my mom, as she wanted to try out a few lipsticks from Avon. According to her the lipsticks are quite moisturizing much like our lip balms and these also have a good color pay off. These lipsticks have a very fruity fragrance which is not very overpowering in fact these smells so delicious that you might want to taste them :P
One drawback on these lippies is that they are not very long lasting, though your lips stay well moisturized but the color does not stay for any longer than 2-3 hours.. that is stretching it!!
Also another thing that I love about these lipsticks is their packaging; the colors are so vibrant and peppy that these look really pretty laying in my vanity. Talking about the colors, I was a bit excited about the strawberry(dark maroon red) one coz I thought it would have a beautiful pink shade, but ended up liking watermelon better because of the shade(scarlet red).
Left(Purple) : Whisper Pink; Center(Red): Watermelon; Right(Pink): Strawberry

Final Words:
Its an affordable lipstick with an average staying power and a good color payoff. The USP of this Pop Love Lipstick range is the fragrance which is fruity and nice. Though what more can one ask for this price range, it gets a 3.5 on 5 from me.

Friday, 8 August 2014

I'm back + My July Haul!

Hii friends..
I am back after a long break from the blogging world. I wasn't posting much because of many reasons.. the most important out of which was admission process for my further education! I will be posting more on that some other time! Also I couldn't post because I was travelling and holidaying a lot in July.

Some of you who follow me on Instagram must have seen the pics!
But now that I am back, I will try to post at least twice a week :) :D and although I was out from the blogging world, I did not stay away from Shopping, and got a few new stuff to try! Enjoy the pics:

 I must admit that I was literally drooling after looking at what all other beauty bloggers are buying from the new street wear collection and wanted to get a few things in my kitty too.. So on my visit to the mall, I rushed to the Revlon counter and these things...
Street Wear Color Rich Kajal Rs. 99/-, Street Wear Color Rich Mega Shine Lip Gloss in Party Melon Rs. 150/-, Color Rich Lipstick in Ruby Riddle Rs. 180/-,  Perfection Compact in Neutral Rs. 160/- 
I also bought 2 new eyeliners to try out one from the Avon Simply Pretty Collection which was on offer for this month, So I got it for Rs. 79/- and the new Elle18 water proof eyeliner priced at Rs. 85/-
I found these amazing rip offs of the Revlon nail art pens at a very cheap price so couldn't afford to miss it.. So I got them in three colors! *loveatfirstsight*
As the festive season is now approaching and also because I was running out of the basic shades of nail paints, I rushed to the nearest NewU Store and look what they had on offer.. I got these cute baby lips pucker up key chains free.. which I was longing for since a looong time but couldn't find them anywhere.. So I got Keep up the flame and Orange Fix from the colorshow range!

When I got back home from a looong vacation, I was surprised to see what was waiting for me at home! My prize from Elle18, its their juicy lip balm in the shade Juicy Red!

Love <3