Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Craft Stuff on Sale!

Hii Friends...
I have a surprise for all you people...
I am opening a small online craft store where I will sell craft supplies that I buy in bulk sometimes or I find some great deals in the market..and I can part with them and share for very cheap rates.. :)
So to start with I have a few things lined up.. please have a look and let me know if you want any of these...
and mail me in case of any queries and orders at: itisharma_gdgws@yahoo.in
Heavy weight A4 size cardstock to make great projects! Over 15 shades available! Rs. 8 per sheet or buy 10 sheets for Rs. 60/- only!
 Satin Ribbon Rolls! These can be used for craft projects as well as for packing those gifts! Huge variety of colors available! Rs. 40/- per roll.
 Colorful transparent tiny buttons! These can be used to jazz up your plain tops or bags.. or also for your craft purposes! Buy 2 for 1rupee.
 Silky Flowers! You can use these flowers for decorating your house or craft products too! 5pc for Rs. 10/-
 Camel Artists Acrylic Colors! Unpacked but unused! Buy this pack for Rs. 350/-
 Amazing quality eyelets.. Rs. 250 for 75pcs(mixed colors)
 Tracing Wheel.. can be used to outline or make a pattern on cloth or papers for stiching! Rs. 50/- per piece
Sequines.. This product needs no description and has innumerable uses to it... to name a few.. you can use it on cards, dresses, 3D projetcs, decoration,etc.. I have a huge variety of these available! just let me know the color that you want.. And I would try and get it for you... Rs. 20/- per pack!
Organic tiny fiber.. these can be used to jazz up any of your project or on cards as well! Rs. 20 per pack!

Huge variety of Paper Share.. check out the details at... 

By the way I also have a new page running up at facebook.. it has jewellery at very cheap rates... You can check the following link regarding the same! :)

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  1. Hi Iti, i want to buy those sequins they are so pretty and i don't really know where to go for good sequins..so lemme know yeah ? :D btw great blog..visit mine ;)