Friday, 25 May 2012


Hii Friends,
This is my second post in a day, and all this is because of my 4 months long holiday...
So I would be crafting a lottt these days, rather I should say months.. :P

As promised on my Fb page, here is the post I was talking about..
This is the card I made for my friend who is returning from Canada after 2 years.. And I am waiting for her eagerly...
Here are the pics of the card..

This is the inside of the card, other side is kept blank, where I would be writing a sweet message for her..:)

I hope she likes it, kept the card very simple as she likes simple things in life..

Cardstock: Fabriano - Local Purchase
Flowers: Prima - bought from Kalalayaa
Glitter balls: Pielane - bought from Karuna di
Inside of the card: Olivia sticker sheet: bought from Karuna di of Lulupu

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