Monday, 9 April 2012

Little Birdie!

Hola people!
The card that I am posting today, had been made long time back..
Its a very simple card, with no sentiment so can be used for any purpose..
The supplies used in this card are also very limited.
Here's a picture of the card:

Here's a close up of the card.. the supplies used in this card are:
Cardstock: Local purchase
PPS: ECHO PARK, bought from Ujjwal di from Handmade with Love
The beautiful bird: is a silhouette cut, sent by Aditya from Imaginations
Rhinestones: Local purchase

The pictures are not doing full justice to the card, trust me it looks amazing in reality.
I love this card. Please give me your comments :)


  1. Less is More and that is what i truly believe in.The simplicity of your card is what makes it exquisite.great job.well done.

  2. Firstly, thank you so much for joining.

    And, yes, long time se due tha. Wonderful card. In spite of using less sentiments the elegance of the card is worth appreciating.
    Beautiful one :)