Friday, 7 October 2011

My rabbits.. my world..

Hello friends,
I wanted to tell all of you about my rabbits.. I have quite a few of them. it started of by two initially but now I have a total of 27 rabbits.. and still counting :P
as their population was growing to an enormous number,we decided to shift some of them to different places,
but I love them all.. its actually the most pleasant feeling watching them grow,feed their little ones, and showing us different activities every now and then.. 

chalo without any more bak-bak, now I am leaving you all with a lot of pictures of my rabbits..

this ones my baby.. my very first rabbit..

and then they follow..

When my darling baby.. gave birrth to a new one..


  1. Awweee..they are the sweetest...and did you say 27? :D

  2. :P yes 27 rabbits, I see more rabbits than the grass in my garden..