Saturday 19 March 2016

Loreal Haul! Valentine's Day

Hii guys,
Just a quick post though I am quite late in posting this, but nevertheless!
As some of u might be knowing nykaa,purplle and other online beauty websites had this amazing 14min sale on their website where all things loreal were at flat 50% off!
So I bought 3 things that I had been eyeing on frm a loong time!

Got 2 loreal shine caresse gloss and 1 loreal balmy gloss! Shine caresse - bella and Lolia and balmy gloss in the shade - pink cherry

this is how the 3 look in artificial light!

and here's how they look in natural light!
Love all the 3 products that I bought! <3

Friday 18 March 2016

Dupe Alert!! Miss claire Lip gloss!

Today I am going to be reviewing the much talked about miss claire matte glosses!
Now why I am not saying matte lip creams is coz, I have 2 matte lip creams and 2 butter glosses to share with you,.... so matte glosses! get it ;) :P
These are the dupes of nyx butter glosses, lookwise and read onto know how fairly they perform.

Quantity and price: 8ml; price varies for different places, I got these for 150/-

What the packaging says:
Drench your lips in extreme color with your signature buttery smooth gloss.

Butter glosses:
1. Napoleon BG - 01

2. Spice cake BG - 12

Matte Lip creams:
1. shade 05

My experience:
At first when I opened the tube, the smell is the same as the nyx lip creames... the same chocolate cookie/muffin.. in short it smells just soooo yummy.
While applying also, these glide on like butter and are opaque in a single swipe, I have the nyx lip cremes as well, so I can compare that I there was not a single difference that I could find performance wise.

These survived on my lips for 4-5 hours and seemed as if I just applied it (that too between meals), which was great coz yesss... I do eat my glosses and lipsticks :P
I would say that these beauties right here, are an ultimate grab, if you find these selling anywhere near you, and there are shades available that you like.. don't give a second thought just grab them.

Monday 22 February 2016

Valentine's Day Giveaway Winner!

Hii friends,

Today I will be announcing the winner of my first giveaway on his blog, first of all I would say that I got a tremendous response on all my social media handles and I was amazed by the love that you all showered upon me, but there had to be one winner and it is

Sumita kapoor!

Sumita please email me your complete postal address @

Monday 15 February 2016

H & M Glosses! + Great Announcement

Hii friends,
I am wayyy tooo much excited to share this news with you guys that h&m is now launching its new beauty line with collaboration to its collection 'conscious', which basically aims at eco friendly products!!  I just soo wish that they launch their beauty line in India as well so that,  we can also get our hands on their makeup as well as skin care products which are only available at h&m store overseas!!!!!

The new products, described by H&M as "good for people, the planet and your wallet", includes skincare, haircare and bodycare - all of which are Ecocert-approved with organic certification.
There's everything from lip balm to body washes, aluminium-free roll-on deodorant and dry shampoo. A choice of five flavours of tinted lip balm, and three types of face masks.
I happen to come across a few makeup products by h&m during my last trip to Dubai, and I picked up a few li glosses from the store.
 Now these glosses come in a variety of shades, and are non sticky and have tiny amount of shimmer particles present in them.
Quantity : 3ml
Price : 7DHS (around Rs.140/-)
Fragrance: Very sweet and candy-like fragrance, which lingers for sometime but then fades away eventually.
The pigmentation of these glosses is average, these can basically be used to make your lipsticks and matte lip colors a bit glossy. Can also be used if only a hint of color is what one is looking for.
These lip glosses are pretty moisturizing and even after the glossiness and the color has faded away, the lips still tend to stay moisturized for a long time.

Shades that I own: Fiona (Pink), Aurora (Coral), Zoe (Nude)
Now I just wish h&m India launches its beauty and makeup line in India sooon!!!!

Cyaaaa! <3

Thursday 11 February 2016

Mini Haul! + Essence Cosmetics

Hii friends,

Just the other day I was at Malviya Nagar Market in New Delhi, and I happened to be at a cosmetic and beauty store in the main market.. and I saw the essence cosmetics counter at the shop.
Now the S.A. there told me that they are the only store to have this brand in the whole market.
We all know that beauty bloggers/vloggers rave about this brand on and on so I was sooo excited to buy some products, but then sadly they didn't have a lot of products of this brands... all they had was a few nailpaints,lip glosses, a few shades of eyeshadows, and some base makeup.

So I was very excited to try out their concealer coz I had heard great reviews about it, so without a second thought I bought that and a lip gloss.
Concealer stay natural shade: 02 soft sand; Price: Rs. 249/-
Lip gloss XXXL shine shade: 25 Bright Side of Life; Price: Rs. 229/-
For now I only bought these 2 things from essence, but I am definitely going there again for some more great products. Really wanted to buy the eye shadow primer but it was out of stock.

Now places where you can find essence in Delhi----

You can also check out the products on there... Essence Website

Also you can find out the closest essence store here, Store Finder

Next I bought the Lotus Herbals 10 in 1 glow cream and the colorkick kajal,coz I have heard really great stuff about both of these products.
Lotus Herbals Xpress Glow 10 in 1 cream shade: Royal Pearl
Price: Rs. 299/-
Lotus Herbals colorkick kajal Price: 199/-
Clean &Clear Oil free moisturiser
This is my complete haul, hope you guys enjoyed  it!

Monday 8 February 2016

Fuschiavkare Scrub and Moisturiser review!

Hii friends,
A few days back I came across this amazing new brand called the fuschia vkare which is new in the marmet, and makes all herbal and natural products.
This is actually a sister company of vkare, which has a lot of other health related products.
You can lways hop on to their website, and get to know about other products offered by them, as well as purchase them, here.
Okay, so over to the products that I got to test from the brand.
 I got the Orange & Avocado Balancing Moisturizer, Garden Lavender Scrub and Coffee Cream Soap

1. Garden Lavender Face and Body Scrub: 
50gm; Ingredients: Aloevera, Lavender flower, Olive oil and wheat germ oil.
The first thing that I noticed about this product was the fragrance, it smells soo fresh and instantly after using this scrub I feel so awake and my skin has a very natural glow. This scrub feels so soft on the skin and also does the scrubbing job really well.
I would really recommend you guys to try this baby out.

I can definitely think of skipping on a moisturizer after using this product.(y)
2. Fuschia Orange & Avocado Balancing Moisturizer:
50ml mrp: Rs. 225/-
Ingredients: Avocado Oil, Aloe vera, Sweet Orange Oil, Cinnamom Oil, FUCOGE, Biopol U-21, Vitamin - E
Woaahhh! thats a lot of natural products!!

As the name says, it is an intense moisturizer, so apt for using in winters, thought I have an oily to combination skin, still I do get a few dry patches in winters, also my skin has been feeling really dry these days, so I have been loving this moisturizer to bits.
I have a sensitive skin and this product has been working really good on my skin, I have been using this moisturizer since past 2 weeks, and haven't faced any issues with it.
The best part is that this is an SLS and Paraben free product!!
Total love <3
Also I love that they don't test their products on animals.

Overall Experience: I would totally recommend everybody to use their products coz, these are chemical free and use natural ingredients for making their products. Also they have a vast variety of products to offer such as: Moisturizers, Face and Body Scrubs, Bath salts, Soaps, Lip Balms, etc.
They smell great, feel amazing on the skin and not to forget their cute and simple packaging!! <3

Friday 5 February 2016

Affordable Gel Eyeliner!

Hii friends,
Today I am going to be sharing a very affordable gel eyeliner, that I found at a street market near my house.
Its Music Flower/Sivanna gel eyeliner.
Looks really pretty sitting at my counter table.
 Price : Rs.150/- - Rs. 200/- differs at different markets.
The staying power of this liner is very good, it stays put on my eyes for a good 6-7 hours with very minimal fading. The color is matte black and looks really good quality when applied.The brush that comes along with the eyeliner is also really god, makes application very easy. I haven't applied it on my waterline.
I liked the packaging a lot coz firstly it looks really cute, and also helps in storing the brush and eyeliner together.
 In the end I would say that if you see at your local market,grab it and give this liner a try coz its really value for money,and I am sure you wont be disappointed with this product.